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I wanted to add creatively to today’s dialogue on racism in America – but speak to it from a different perspective – one that examines and indicts a vile history that gave birth to racism in America. An experimental allegory more than an experimental narrative, the film indicts, through satire, the origins of a class of Europeans who created our foundation of systemic racism and how it continues today virtually unchanged, as embodied by our current president and his administration.


While the nature of the film required a predominantly white cast, we had an inclusive and diverse production team (60 people total) with:

•    51.6% (31) women

•    36.6% (22) POC

•    All Dept heads were POC or women

•    We also addressed ageism and had a diversity in age ranging from 20 to 68.


As both a filmmaker and fine artist, I strived to create a rich and densely layered piece both from a visual perspective as well as through its symbolism, allusions, and historical references. Almost two years  in the making, this film is unique in its filmmaking process in many ways. All the sets are entirely handmade miniatures created at a 1/12th scale, including the background art and set decorating items. The props too are unique and entirely hand crafted at full scale. The live action was composited over these miniature sets, creating an aesthetic that is practical yet fresh and distinctive. No CGI was used in the film.

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